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UX/UI Designer

Engineering – Victoria, British Columbia
Department Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Online applications only, please! No walk-in applications accepted.

At Rooof, we build the world’s best software for automatically creating classified-ads. That said, we’re even more proud of the team that we’ve built.  We love working together and we’re very good at innovating, selling, and turning customers into evangelists! We’ve been growing rapidly and need a customer focused individual to help create the best possible experience within our software and within our company. 

Why have we created this new position?

Our engineering team continues to grow rapidly and our appetite for new products and new features finally merits someone in a full time role to ensure that the experiences we create are as impressive as the business benefits that we deliver.  Historically we have focused on function and now we want much more emphasis on form.  In one sentence, we need you to create exceptional experiences for everyone involved in our company and our software.  The experiences that you create will inspire our customers and make their jobs easier while also converting them into evangelists.

Who you'd be working with:

Samantha is our Graphic Designer, so she will help you make everything look great.  You'll focus on the user experience and interface while Sam helps to make things visually appealing.  Sam is also our brand enforcer, so watch out for the pixels and ems! 

Matt is our Product Manager and he leads our team of implementers and designers.  He ensures that all aspects of our core products are running and growing as expected.  If stuff hits the fan, Matt puts it back together.  This position reports to Matt.


Cassandra, Tom, Joy, Alanah, and Justine do all account management, support, and training on the customer-facing team.  They will be the primary customer-ambassadors of the work that you do, so they'll have lots of feedback for you.  They need your help to improve all end-user experiences to ensure retention and growth.

Once your work is ready for implementation, then you will work with the Team Leads in the engineering department to bring everything to reality.

Bennett and Chloe are our furry K-9 friends that come to visit sometimes. They aren't the hardest workers on the team, but they do earn major cute points which makes up for the lack of actual work they contribute. If you need a mental shift, they are always open to a good belly rub to take your mind off things for a minute.



  • A portfolio demonstrating your UX/UI work
  • 3+ years of UX/UI design experience
  • Experience creating wire frames and prototypes
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of design principles that focus on user experiences
  • A pursuit of perfection and excellence; You prefer it done right, not necessarily right now.
  • You have excellent written and verbal skills.  
  • You are customer-focused and you strive to create evangelists.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Experience with web-based design frameworks
  • Experience with programming
  • Familiarity with an agile development environment


  • Review all of our current software and recommend UX/UI improvements
  • Prepare, maintain, and enforce company-wide UX/UI Guidelines
  • Work with the Product Manager to gather conceptual requirements for new products, new features, and enhancements
  • Define, mock-up, design, and measure the effectiveness of new interfaces and new experiences
  • Develop concepts for new products and features
  • Create concepts based on project requirements within deadline and budget
  • Prepare design briefs to pitch ideas and show UX design process
  • Work closely with the engineering, sales, marketing and graphic design team to improve current products
  • Research similar products and develop new ideas
  • Research relevant market and consumer trends to influence overall experience design
  • Present concepts for team feedback and make revisions accordingly
  • Oversee and test final product designs
  • Pay attention to how things look and work, and their interaction together to improve overall function
  • Technical problem solving

What does success look like?

We will know that you are accomplishing your goals when customers are proactively conveying their excitement when they use our software and interact with our company.  You will also have statistics and metrics to quantitatively show how your changes have improved product adoption, use, and growth while simultaneously shortening training times and reducing incidents that could have been avoided through better design.  Finally, your colleagues will be proud of how all stakeholders interact with our company and we will be more focused on new opportunities than enhancing existing designs.


We are prepared to accept someone earlier in the career (3+ years of experience), or someone with significant experience and we will adjust the compensation to match.

Health, dental, vision, and other benefits for you and your family (after 90 days)

Three weeks of paid vacation

Bonus vacation December 26-31, but we take turns on call.

Where does this go?

We expect that the successful candidate is dedicated to growing themselves and the company in this role for three or more years.  As the company grows we expect the team of designers to grow and there could be opportunities for specialization and diversity in your contributions but it's too early to say how the company's needs will change in coming years.

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